Apolis (uh–paul–iss) or “Global Citizen”

Apolis is a socially motivated lifestyle brand that empowers communities worldwide. It’s based on the idea that people can live better when they have equal access to the global marketplace. Like fair trade only better.

I found an article from 2013 buried in Evernote about two brothers using co-design to help communities that help themselves. Shea and Raan Parton travel across borders, inviting people to share about themselves and their collaborative process for making products. The stories help local tourism and the brothers learn new cultures and customs in the process.

The Middle East project is made possible by people like Shlomy Azolay, an Israeli leather craftsman they found online. And here’s what gets me: they worked together online for five years before meeting in person. That’s the power of social; sometimes a signal is all you need.

If these guys can use social tech to create a global marketplace from scratch, imagine what it can do for mom and pop next door.

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