We Are Not the Citizens of Diaspar

Death has been pathologized; it is simply one more thing we can now work to cure. Those who have devoted their lives to finding this “cure” are aware that their solution and our future waits in an age in which cities and the people in them will become indistinguishable from the technology they depend on.

We are “plugged in” to the vast communication and information network that exists around us. Our generation will be the first to experience their own form of immortality, in the masses of information archived in online databases.

Citizens of Diaspar can continue to live because they can re-boot, leave behind the backlog of memories and experience and start fresh. But rest is a concept counter intuitive for those enmeshed within our technological culture. We allow our lives to be documented in the virtual landscape, struggling to preserve more and more everyday. We network, blog, twitter and facebook ourselves into connection with as many people as possible in order to extend our virtual footprint.

Unlike the citizens of Diaspar, we cannot live forever, free to slip in and out of existence as we please. As of yet we must remain confined to our bodies, with our cyborg selves extended, preserving our existence.

Source: Science Fiction and the City