Microsoft Calls Tech Companies to Be ‘Medics in Cyberspace’

Microsoft executives renewed calls for a Digital Geneva Convention and for tech companies to act as “medics in cyberspace,” much like the Red Cross on a battlefield. The enterprise can help fill the gaps in international law relating to cyberattacks, according to Microsoft’s Brad Smith and Carol Ann Browne.

Source: LinkedIn Pulse

2 Replies to “Microsoft Calls Tech Companies to Be ‘Medics in Cyberspace’”

  1. Brad Smith & Carol Anne Browne in Microsoft’s “Top 10 Tech Issues for 2018” (Cybersecurity):

    “New governmental steps in 2018 will be vital as well. We need governments to recognize where international law applies to cyberattacks and fill in the gaps where it does not. That’s why we’ve supported short-term steps to clarify existing law and have called for the pursuit of a Digital Geneva Convention to protect civilians on the internet.”


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