1. There goes art, imitating life again.

Social networks are infamous authors of the human condition, where vulnerability submissions are fatal, and identities bear the sharpest points of contention.

Image: Silvia Pelissero

In the beginning, computer-mediated communication (CMC) was fractured, a broken mirror of the real world. Only now, backed by a state-sponsored clandestine web of “social media” is a person truly free to follow the rules and abide by her interpellated (socially constructed) self — an open book of invisible ink.

The darknets and Zoklet’s maverick spaces have further normalized the surface, where comment-free news sets the tone for a more civilized citizen who pens her thoughts where they belong — on social networks — where truth is regulated, monitored and configured, sliced and pared, stored for further use and sold to the highest bidder for matters of criminal justice, crime and surveillance.

She’ll give your skill for storytelling a woop woop. Beyond that, you’re on your own.

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