Cover Art: Ryohei Hase

Ryohei Hase is based in Japan. Grounding Hase’s work is the contradictory nature of the mind, a darkness described as “sad and gloomy” yet “beautiful and strong.”

Hase’s Go forward and forward (2008) draws me in with its sophisticated pop surrealist style: claustrophobic yet whimsical and drenched in detail, invoking a watershed moment—the end of privacy, a point of no return—the year we found Facebook. The nature of relationships, connectivity and productivity, presentation and self-worth, have since changed. As more of us connect, it’s fitting that social networks should mediate our social movements, the rise and fall of societies, the end of history itself.

As our cities grow, we can use social media to learn, improve and create a global community we’re proud of. Go forward and forward depicts our race to get there.